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Tune into a Perfect Music Summer: Uncovering Grožnjan – a Place where Artistry Flourishes

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Nestled in the heart of Istria, Grožnjan stands as a testament to its medieval past, with cobblestone streets and charming narrow houses painting a picturesque scene. While dormant for most of the year, the small town bursts into life in early May, resonating with the sounds of creativity – from dancing shoes, violins, guitars, and sopranos, to paintbrushes and chisels. Since the 1960s, Grožnjan has earned its reputation as the city of artists.

Apart from many galleries and art studios opening their doors, during the Summer months music and dance academies invite young artists to explore and hone their artistic skills in the town that lives and breathes art.

A Variety of Artistic Opportunities

Whether your young artist is just embarking on their creative journey or already possesses a certain skill level, these camps cater to both beginners and intermediate musicians.

Comprehensive and immersive, the full-day programs, held in smaller groups, provide a nurturing space for artistic growth.

Available in both English and Croatian, they offer a unique opportunity for children to delve into the vibrant world of music and dance amidst the serene beauty of Grožnjan.

Modern Dance & Theatre Workshop: Dance Marathon

Modern Dance & Theatre Workshop: Dance Marathon offers a perfect blend of creativity and movement. Led by seasoned choreographers and mentors Desanka Virant, Ida Janković, Tamara Savičević, and Anis Habibović, participants will engage in daily dance, singing, and acting classes.

JM Jazz Summer School Camp

For young jazz enthusiasts, the JM Jazz Summer School Camp offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of jazz music. Working closely with professional musicians, participants will learn the intricacies of playing in small ensembles, understand the dynamics of a rhythm section, and master the art of improvisation on given themes.

Young jazzists will also have the chance to perform in the International Jazz festival “Jazz is back! BP” and gain inspiration from experienced colleagues.

Oboe, Oboe d'amore, English Horn Camp

In this camp of musical exploration, young musicians will uncover the intricacies of the oboe family. Catering to individual interests and skill levels, the program embraces a diverse repertoire from Baroque classics to contemporary compositions.

In addition to honing instrumental proficiency, a special emphasis will be placed on reed-making techniques, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of every performance aspect.

Violin Camp

The violin camp caters to participants with varying levels of musical expertise, providing individual lessons, coaching sessions, group work, and rehearsals in a supportive environment.

Aspiring young violinists will concentrate on technique, interpretation, and musical development, aiming to refine their skills and express their musicality under the guidance of experienced pedagogues and professors.

Clarinet Camp

The Clarinet Camp welcomes participants of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to young professionals. Led by experienced instructors, students will focus on mastering essential techniques like breathing and tone production, along with extended techniques such as multiphonics and circular breathing.

The program includes intensive practice sessions with a pianist, chamber ensemble work, and solo performances.

Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass Camp & Chamber Music

This week-long violin, viola, cello, and double bass camp offers a diverse range of learning experiences. Attendees can explore solo and chamber music repertoire of their choice during daily sessions with experienced professors, providing them with a perfect environment for improving technique.

Selected students may even be able to join the prestigious Jeunesses Musicales Croatia Chamber Orchestra.

Summer Piano School

The 54th Summer International Piano School offers a rich program led by renowned professors Dragomir Bratić, Konstantin Krasnitski, Danijel Oto, and Katarina Krpan. Participants will partake in individual lessons, daily concerts, exhibitions, and lectures, all leading up to a grand closing concert on August 23 in Kaštela.

With over 40 hours of seminars, including live lectures, trial classes, and webinars, this year’s piano school will place a special focus on Croatian and contemporary literature.

Saxophone Camp

Tailored to individual needs, the program of the Saxophone Camp covers basic techniques like breath control and finger velocity while offering opportunities to master advanced techniques such as multiphonics and altissimo register.

Participants will refine their interpretation skills by preparing classical saxophone pieces accompanied by a piano and dive into chamber music with various saxophone ensembles.

Bassoon & Contrabassoon Camp

With a focus on enhancing skills, fostering analytical practice methods, and nurturing musical expression, this camp is led by experienced pedagogues and professors who provide guidance and space for personal growth.

It's a perfect opportunity for anyone preparing for auditions or competitions or simply seeking to improve their bassoon and contrabassoon playing skills.

Brass Camp - French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone

The Brass Academy serves as an extension of the horn, trombone, and trumpet seminars concurrently taking place in Grožnjan. Aimed at enriching participants' experience in chamber musicianship of brass instruments, the camp is led by experienced professors with years of ensemble playing.

It is designed for all levels and encompasses individual lessons, accompaniment work, chamber music sessions, and technical exercises.

Opera Studio Šober

Opera Studio Šoder invites classical singers to participate in a Masterclass focused on vocal techniques and interpretations. This seminar accommodates 7 active and 10 passive participants.

Active students immerse themselves in daily lectures on vocal technique and stage movement to prepare for the final concert while passive participants have the flexibility to attend either daily or for the entire duration of the Masterclass.

A Summer Like No Other!

For many years, Grožnjan has served as an oasis and refuge for artists from around the world. Similarly, the Summer camps have long welcomed young artists, providing an ideal setting to explore and express their creative tendencies.

What better place to embark on a journey of creativity bound to create memories for a lifetime?